Character Creation

All stats start at 10. All characters have 15 points to use to assign to 5 of the 6 attributes on their character sheet. The other stat will be auto assigned an 18. Feel free to lower a stat below 10 for roleplaying reasons.

Start with any published class. Take whatever items that you can deem normal for your character.

Races – For information on the races and how they differ, see here.

Tieflings and Aasimir are not considered monstrous races and as such can be purchased for free or added to any other race as a template. The Aasimar are in the new DMG.


All player characters are unique and chosen. They have certain abilities which will be known at the time of the first game, and others that will simply be discovered later. In non game terms all characters are OP. Choose one of the following below as unique ability -

Wondrous Power

Your character was born with a natural ability that some would deem the purvey of magic. The following are available:

Impenetrable skin – Once per day you may cast stoneskin
Sight – Once per day you may cast any divination spell of fourth level or lower.
Fear – Twice a day you may cast the ability fear. Alternatively you may use the phantasmal killer spell.
Touch of Fire – Once per day you may use the fire shield ability
Hand of the vampire – You may use the vampiric touch ability at any time, however once you are out of combat for a round you become incapacitated for 24 hours following it.
Call lightning – You may use the lightning bolt ability twice per day.
Friendship – You may use the suggestion ability at will, however only once for a single target.

Touch of Steel -

You can give any item an enhancement of up to +3 stat bonus or grant the item one ability such as holy, vorpal, etc. The power lasts the entire 24 hour period of the ability. The same ability cannot be chosen again for a month, however the +3 bonus can be taken any time.

Monstrous -

Choose a monstrous race. You will not gain a level for the agreed upon time. The CR rules are kind of messed up in 5th ed, so if you want to play a monster we’ll just negotiate it.

Legendary Item -

You have been bestowed an item of legend with a unique history and powers. The weapon will advance with you during the game and always be slightly better than any other loot that other characters have. The item can be whatever you like. For instance – you are bestowed a staff from your grandfather. You know it is magical and strikes for great effect – a plus 1 weapon, at the beginning of the game. The staff is, however, a staff of the magi and as the game continues more of it’s powers manifest.

I got a friend -

Wherever you go, you know someone. You can always try to requisition items and information from a contact. This contact is always someone of import, such as a high ranking city official, member of the thieves guild, etc. This person will start at least neutral to you and can be easily persuaded. The benefits are, however, short lived. For instance you may be able to get together a squad of city guards to help with your assault on a hobgoblin lair for an adventure. The next adventure the city guards have no more or less respect for you. If you want to permanently befriend them you have to take other actions.

Unknown, for now, powers -

I have a couple that are pretty awesome. If you want one of these tell me. One in particular will be great.


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